On Tao and not-Tao dwellings.

I have a fine book in my library, I guess I have been carrying it around for almost 40 years now. It is Tao Te Ching by Lao Tse it date back to the 6th century BC in China, mine is translation by Gia-Fu Yeng and Jane English. The book includes beautiful photographs and Chinese calligraphy.

Tao is sometimes translated simply as ” the Way” the book contains about 81 chapters and 5000 words. For 2500 years it has been one of the foundations of Chinese culture.

It is without doubt one of the great books of the Eastern world.

Lao Tsu views on dwellings were succinct  “In dwelling, be close to the land”

The Tipi tent would thus be an example of a Tao dwelling.

Living in a highrise apartment in a skyscraper is I guess about the most not-Tao place to dwell.

The Burj Kalifa is currently the worlds tallest skyscraper.

However an even taller tower is proposed to be built in China. It is on the drawing board it will be 220 storeys and built in just 90 days utilising 200,000 tons of steel.

A plan to build a taller tower in China.


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