Save money bake your own muffins.

We made a batch of delicious and healthy muffins, using a recipe available on line  at Choose one that’s uses vegetables oil. We use olive oil not butter  because it is better for the heart and health. You can use any oil that’s polyunsaturated and high in omega-3. We bought some nonstick muffin pan from Muffins can be made with an almost infinite variety of ingredients. Use whatever fruit you have on hand or what is in season. We blend the fruit with the oil and other liquid ingredients and then mix with the dry ingredients.

We like to add lots of cinnamon and ginger. We used baking powder because its quick and easy.   You can also try using yeast, if you want lower salt content. Use the dough cycle on your bread machine. If you have the oven going to roast a chicken, there is is room for a couple of trays of muffins as well. Muffin trays are available from for around $8. You can buy trays for small medium or large muffins.

Once you start baking your own, you will never want to buy baked goods from the supermarket again.
Click here to buy a recipe e-book

Paleo muffin cookbook

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