United Arab Emirates


Nowadays the economies in Europe and America are struggling as citizens are being taxed heavily to pay for bank bailouts, corruption, massive military spending and armies of fat cat bureaucrats.
Many folks are getting fed up with this to the point of seriously thinking of emigrating.
Of course the advantages of a particular location depend critically on the knowledge, skills, wisdom and capital the emigrant has at his disposal.


Abu Dhabi corniche.

In recent years our family has lived as expats in several countries. Each country has advantages and disadvantages.
 Based on this experience we can say that Ras Al Khaimah in United Arab Emirates ticks a lot of boxes for us.

Abu Dhabi corniche.

Julfar twin towers Ras Al Khaimah UAE.

Julfar twin towers Ras Al Khaimah UAE.

It is an environment that has zero tax and relatively low-cost of setting up a business. It is a multicultural society with expats from numerous countries.

business services in Dubai

Click this link for the low-cost Fast track set up guide to start a business in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras al Khaimah or other Emirates in the United Arab Emirates.


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